Looking for a School in DC area: Is a diverse school the right choice or an unreasonable risk?

I skimmed this “book” (more of a pamphlet) by Michael Petrilli from the education think tank, The Fordham Institute. It starts with a short history of segregation and desegregation of our schools. Then gives some pros and cons for choosing a school with a high degree of diversity (socioeconomic and race diversity), some information about a few schools, and ideas about gentrifying DC area schools. It ends with a short epilogue of his family’s venture into choosing the right school for his family. This really takes place in Montgomery County, Maryland – not quite the same as DC – well, not that same at all actually.

It really was free to my Kindle even though initially the site pushed me toward joining Kindle free for one month (a $9.99 value). Just skip that part if you have a Kindle. Only free until Sunday, Feb 8th.

FREE for a limited time on Kindle:
The Diverse Schools Dilemma

“Petrilli succinctly dissects the questions raised by families
who want to look beyond pure
academic statistics and outcomes
to consider the broader picture of a
compelling school 

 “Is selecting a diverse public school a responsible choice

or an unreasonable risk?”

This is the question that guides Michael Petrilli as he and his family embark on a journey to find the right school for his two children in the diverse metropolitan city of Washington, D.C. It’s a difficult question that thousands of parents face each year. In The Diverse Schools Dilemma, Petrilli provides a foundation for parents to navigate school choices and weigh the factors most critical to their child’s educational success.

Now through Sunday, The Diverse Schools Dilemma will be available to download free on Kindle.

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